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How a Glowing Jellyfish Threw Much Light on Cells

A simple question about how jellyfish glow led to an innovative tool that has revolutionized medicine and won a Nobel Prize. In the 1990s, a scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute named David Prasher cloned the GFP gene from a medusa. He then spent three years determining the genetic sequence of the gene and […]

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The Benefits of Breastfeeding For Both Baby and Mother

The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Baby and Mother are many. For one thing, breastfeeding will save you money in the long run. Many pediatricians recommend breastfeeding as opposed to bottle feeding because it is a more natural feeding method. Bottled milk can be contaminated with bacteria that can harm your baby and even make […]

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Anal Gay Sex

Anal gay sex is becoming a common practice in the contemporary society. But, some people are not sure about what gays do when having sex. This can be attributed to the fact that gay sex is a taboo in most societies. However, this practice is gaining popularity. In fact, it is being featured in popular […]

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